2018 Boardman Club Championship Recap

  After having competed in the NWB Championship and BASS the prior two weekends, I did not have much time at all to dissect Boardman. Thankfully I was able to get down there on Friday, right before the tournament, and spend some time on that body of water, which I

Priest Rapids 2018 Recap

Brian Flores and I won our first tournament! How did that happen? I used to think it was whoever was luckiest, but I’ve watched enough really good fishermen to know luck most days won’t get you through. For this tournament we used what I learned from

Potholes 2018 Recap

POTHOLES 2018     Ben Hanes – 2nd Place   Based on map study during the time before the tournament, I was able to enter a few waypoints to try during pre-fish that were essentially highways to major spawning areas. When I went and actually tested those waypoints, I was pleasantly surprised, and from

Club Championship Moses Lake Recap

Loaded with prizes for everyone and nice paychecks for others, our 2017 CBBC Championship turned out to be a success. Thank you, Jordan Hanes, for all of the work you put into making the tournament itself go as smoothly as possible. You did a great job. Also, thank you to

Irrigon Dog Days Tournament Recap

With the coveted Angler of the Year title on the line, our last qualifier of the year turned out to be an interesting one, no doubt. Mark Westcott and Jake Anderson officially tied in points once it was all said and done. However, with the tie breaker being

Potholes Summer Tournament Recap

Potholes in 2017 brought very different conditions as compared to 2016, even though the CBBC tournament date was almost exactly the same. Anglers who relied on locations from last year were probably surprised to find the water 2 feet lower this year as compared to last. Those who

Tri-Cities Tournament Recap

With pre-tournament high water conditions and a cast of extremely talented anglers, one would have thought largemouth might be king in our Early Summer CBBC qualifier. Weight guesses ranged all the way up to 24lbs, many fully expecting someone to put the beat-down on the green fish. However,

CDA Tournament Recap

Although it felt like the dollars spent were many, Coeur d’Alene Lake was absolutely beautiful, and Harrison was an extremely hospitable little town. I give a thumbs-up to the Lakeview Lodge and the Osprey Inn, both were awesome places to stay. Jordan still can’t get over how everyone

Prez Says Irrigon Recap

Our first tournament of the year is in the books! Initial weather reports indicated a very blustery afternoon, resulting in a debate on whether or not the tournament should be cancelled, postponed, or at the very least delayed. Thankfully, the morning greeted us with calm waters and pleasant

Prez Says 2016 Club Championship Recap

Our first annual Columbia Basin Bass Club Championship is in the books, and thankfully, it was a success. Congratulations to our club champions: Robert Reid (Boater), Jordan Warren (Non Boater), and Jordan Gregory (Junior)…There were a ton of cool prizes given away. I want to thank personally all of the

Prez Says Dog Days Recap

Our 2016 Dog Days event is definitely one that I personally am glad to have in the books, with everyone safe! I would not be exaggerating in saying weather-wise, it was our most difficult tournament of the year. The wind was blowing heavily in the morning around the

Prez Says Potholes Recap

I would say our Summer Family/Team/Couples event was a success overall! It was great camping weather, and the CBBC members getting together at Mike’s Place was a fun and relaxing time! As for the fishing, for some, it was a fishing feast, and for others, it was famine.

Prez Says Hatrock Recap

Well, tournament number three is in the books! What a day! I think our club made a great decision in starting early. All in all, it didn’t seem to get too hot until the afternoon, and thankfully we had a little breeze to cool things down, and

Prez Says May 2016 Moses Lake Recap

As expected, this past weekend Moses Lake kicked out some giant bags! We will be lucky to see bags that size any more this year, but I’m thinkin’ the River in October might come close! Thank you to all who came out on Saturday, and survived the heat!

Prez Says 1st Tournament Recap

What a tournament! Thank you to all who came out on Saturday, and battled the morning waves! We made some difficult decisions as a club for this tournament, but in the end I’m glad we made the ones we did. Everyone made it in safe, as the day wore on

Winter Fishing Tips

Winter doesn't have to be dull when it comes to smallmouth bass fishing here in the Columbia Basin. Thanks to some knowledge passed on to me from a former member (Wayne Heinz), I have learned how to have some success over the years out on the bluffs and deep underwater

2016 Schedule

Locations and dates have been set by the board for the 2016 season. 96