Drop-Shot Jigging

Drop-Shot Jigging by Ben Hanes Here in the northwest, things are different. Unlike many of the articles we read that talk of bass migrating to the backs of creek channels and such, these rules do not necessarily apply on our waters. Up north, fall and winter occur slightly earlier,

Spring Lure Selection

Spring Lure Selection by Ben Hanes It’s getting to be that time of year again when the big mama’s from the deep are sniffing the shallows. In Eastern Washington, the migration of both small and largemouth occurs around the end of February, where we’ll see our first biters in

Marine Electronics

How Deep Is That Bass? by Wayne Heinz Nobody knows. A depthsounder tells us how far away a fish swims, not how deep. If a bass swims off to the side of your boat, at the edge of the depthsounder’s cone, 50’ from your transducer, your depthsounder will paint that