2018 Boardman Club Championship Recap

After having competed in the NWB Championship and BASS the prior two weekends, I did not have much time at all to dissect Boardman. Thankfully I was able to get down there on Friday, right before the tournament, and spend some time on that body of water, which I have not been able to get big bags out of lately. I personally have felt for the past year or two so many of those fish have shrunk in size – but perhaps I am just not on the right groups of fish any longer like I was a few years back, because I know there are big ones there!
Either way, my pre fish yielded mixed results. I practiced with hooks on for the 1st hour and caught some decent fish. That was my basic deal: I wanted to see if the size of fish had increased (the fish I was on) because if not, I was going to consider locking up…All in all, it was kind of in-between. I went hookless the remainder of the day and had some nice followers, but overall I felt I could get a 16-17lb bag in Boardman.
Come T-time, things actually started off well. Jordan couldn’t keep them off of her topwater bait and we both managed to limit in an hour. By about 8 a.m., I had 17 lbs (with two 4 lbers) and J had a limit with a high-4s SM to boot. I guess it was at that point that I decided that I just wasn’t sure if I could get any more fish 4+, so I just made a random decision to lock up. Jordan wasn’t happy! It was a lot of fun down below, and I’m certain we could have had a blast in Boardman. As it stood though, we ran a long ways to only catch like 4 or 5 fish, of which only 2 made the team. But, those 2 were over 4lbs, and just enough to barely edge out a win. Overall we caught our fish mainly on topwaters, jigs, and swimbaits out of relatively shallow and transitional-depth water. Lately I feel I have really relied on my instincts a lot with fishing, and have just been fishing the fish, rather than spot hopping, and this has helped me to do a little better. Thankfully my wife has been willing to allow me to spend quite a bit of time on the water these past 2 months.

Ben Hanes

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