Priest Rapids 2018 Recap

Brian Flores and I won our first tournament! How did that happen? I used to think it was whoever was luckiest, but I’ve watched enough really good fishermen to know luck most days won’t get you through. For this tournament we used what I learned from courses on game over angling web site to map the pool on google earth and had a lot of areas that looked good. Jake Anderson’s presentation on this pool at last months club meeting added to what we saw on google earth. A week before the tournament my good friend and mentor Bob Hogue went pre-fishing with me. He told me he had little experience on the pool but would share some methods of figuring out new water. We spent all day fishing things that were different or unique like points, transitions, and spawning flats near deeper water. We eliminated a lot of real estate and though it was really unclear where these fish were in the spawn, the fish we found were near the big spawning slews, not in them but near them in like at the mouth or edge near the channel. The pre-fish day resulted in 30 plus fish and easily an 18 pound bag (big fish all caught by Bob). Tournament day Brian and I headed to the hottest spot from the week before, nothing. We hit all of the hot areas and caught 3 or 4 small fish. We tried deeper and shallower but nothing. We returned to fish the outside edge of the biggest slew and started picking up some bigger fish including my 4 lb 4 oz chunk. We ended up re-fishing the same 400 yard section 3 or 4 times and on our last pass Brian caught a 4 lb 5 oz beast (an ounce bigger than mine of course). We were feeling really good before the last pass but Brian catching that giant and another upgrade really sealed the day for us. I believe Brian caught 4 of the 5 fish we weighed but I had the biggest fish (until the final pass). We did most of the damage on spinner baits lipless crank baits, square bills, tubes and lizards did well. Okay in retrospect I was lucky, lucky to have a mentor in the sport to lead me along the path, lucky to have joined game over angling web site and took all of their courses, lucky to have the resources to enjoy this great sport of ours, lucky to have a great young energetic partner that can flat out catch fish to bounce ideas off, and lucky to be part of a club that works well together and supports the growth of it’s youth (and more senior) members.
Congratulations to all who took part!





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