Prez Says March 2016

The March meeting was packed! We may have to find a new venue if the club keeps growing. There were over 40 in attendance, and that’s even without several members currently traveling to fish Lake Mead.

The club raised over $1,200 last night in membership and tournament dues.

The 50/50 Raffle raised $44 more for the club championship and someone went home with the other $44.


We had a great speaker, Jeff Grimes who spoke on Spring fishing tactics.


Aaron Rice was elected CBBC Conservation Director.


Don Baker was recognized for his steady and great service in the helping the club and being the 2015 CBBC President.



Randy Mittleider received his award for finishing second overall in Angler Of The Year points for 2015.


Mike Whitlow encouraged us to book trips with Angler’s Inn to catch a fish of a lifetime! He also made everyone aware of upcoming Big Bass tournaments sponsored by Angler’s Inn.

Several people won money and prizes!

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